Letters to the Editor

Socialism in the NFL

Talk about redistribution of wealth! How about the NFL’s revenue sharing agreement? All teams share equally in the revenue from broadcast contracts. Even though my team is more successful and popular than others, those teams get the same revenue as mine. This arrangement smacks of a handout to less successful teams.

And a luxury tax if you have more money to spend? Is that a fair tax? We built our team! It was our entrepreneurship that gave us our success. Why should we pay to help the poor team that doesn’t have our fan base and media coverage?

And how about the way the NFL rewards failure by giving the highest draft choices to the least successful teams? After all my team has done to provide the best possible product, we are put at a competitive disadvantage every year that we dominate the league.

No wonder the NFL is falling apart. Equal sharing of wealth, giving to those most in need and requiring that those who want to spend more, pay more in taxes has taken the competitive spirit out of the sport. Who wants to help the losers? What incentives do wealthy teams have to spend more to improve themselves? What’s the point?

There are those in America who want to govern by the NFL rules. To help those who need it most; to apply assets where they can do the most common good; and to tax most those who have most.

Good luck, socialists. With that philosophy, this country is likely to go the way of the NFL.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.