Letters to the Editor

Nation’s debt numbers are sobering

U.S. national debt: $16,177,728,526,028.35

National debt per person: $51,402.55

National debt per household: $133,132.59

Total U.S. unfunded liabilities: $123,265,889,467,490.47

Social Security unfunded liability: $15,106,336,226,613.81

Medicare unfunded liability: $79,016,325,148,104.17

Prescription drug unfunded liability: $19,942,050,673,172.68

National health care unfunded liability: $9,201,177,419,599.81

Total U.S. unfunded liabilities per person: $391,660.70

Total U.S. unfunded liabilities per person: $1,014,401.21

U.S. population: 314,726,215

This is a snapshot that was taken from usdebtclock.com on Oct. 3. Approximately every 48 seconds an additional million dollars is added. Just look at these numbers, it should cause you to grab your heart as Fred G. Sanford did and call out, “this is the big one Elizabeth!”

Can you grasp the magnitude of the debt that you and I owe? Do you understand what this means to our children and my unborn grandchildren? Please, I ask you to seriously look at these and allow them to sink in. The United States cannot maintain this; our generation is stealing from future generations, and that is despicable. My father’s generation was appropriately coined the “Greatest Generation” for their sacrifice to this country. What will history call our current generation?

We have to find and elect responsible stewards to represent us in Washington. I do not feel that the current administration has our best interests at heart. The current administration has allowed the national debt to skyrocket, and this is unacceptable.

The truth hurts and the numbers do not lie.

The writer lives in Georgetown.