Letters to the Editor

Don’t allow Shariah law in U.S.

As citizens of the United States we have always prided ourselves in being tolerant with all religions.

I worked for and with Muslims and under Shariah law for eight years in Saudi Arabia. The Muslims I worked with were good people; the men were usually married and treated their wives with respect.

However, I am against Shariah law in the United States. Under Shariah law a person convicted of stealing can have his hand cut off. If a person murders another person, a member of the family of the murdered person can decide that the murderer be killed.

Married women in the USA would not like Shariah law. They have to obey their husbands. If they don’t, the husband could beat her. If she committed adultery she would be stoned to death. If a daughter decided to marry a non-Muslim she could be killed. A Muslim can divorce his wife by saying three times, “I divorce you.” The wife is then divorced, with the children belonging to the husband.

Shariah law should be outlawed in the United States.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.