Letters to the Editor

USC football deserves more coverage in paper

It’s Sunday morning and I could hardly wait to get the paper out of the box to read about USC’s huge win over Georgia last night.

I’ve been frustrated in the past with the paper’s coverage of Gamecock football, but what I found in this morning’s paper was so obvious I just had to write this to vent.

USC, ranked No. 6 in the country, blows out No. 5 ranked Georgia in one of the biggest games in USC’s history (and the country). The paper prints a big game picture and puts in a large font headline, and pulls a less than 200 word quip about the game from the AP wire. No. 15 Clemson (of course) gets more than a half page of coverage along with stats and a quarter by quarter summary of the game in its blowout of unranked Georgia Tech. Even Florida received more print than our Gamecocks.

Of course the paper’s reason for this is the late finish of the USC game at about 10:30. I’m certainly not against any coverage of Clemson. I pull for the Tigers unless they are playing USC. However, the obvious position of the sports department at The Sun News is heavily weighted towards Clemson and always has been. Even if the game ended after 10 o’clock, this is a historical time for Gamecock football. We are achieving things the program never has in its 100-plus year history. I don’t know how long it will last but for the first time ever USC is considered an elite power in not only the SEC but all of NCAA Division 1 football! This is very important to Gamecock fans who have waited (some their entire lives) so long for a powerful USC football team.

The sports department had to know what a huge game this was and should have planned ahead to make sure it was fully covered in Sunday’s paper. The sports writer(s) should have been constructing the article as the game progressed. (Do you guys even want to sell more papers?) Monday’s paper will probably have more on the game, but by then everyone has read about it and watched TV news about it from other sources.

In my Gamecock opinion it’s pretty sorry that our state’s flagship university has to take a back seat to any other covered by this paper – the only exception being our local university Coastal Carolina. Mine is not the first letter I’ve seen regarding this problem.

The writer lives in Conway.