Letters to the Editor

Rice has qualities needed for district

Running for public office is not an easy chore. The candidate has numerous challenges they must encounter. It is a gruesome, long, hard campaign they are undertaking, from shaking hundreds of hands, to the continuing travel throughout the district, to being prepared to answer the most incongruous questions imaginable, and there in the middle of all this is the media lurking around scribbling and jotting down their every move, gestures, or wrong answers.

To undergo these rigors takes an ambitious person who has the wherewithal to juggle the many tasks coming his way. The candidate must possess the skills, stamina, motivation and willingness to be a devoted public servant; no less will do.

Such a person possessing these traits and talents is Tom Rice, the Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District. Mr Rice has the intellectual capacity to study, understand and analyze the most difficult issues or problems that we as a nation face now, and into the future. As a CPA and attorney, Rice brings to Congress a vast knowledge and grasp of finance, audits and budgets; plus as an attorney a familiarity of the intricacies of the law. The constituents of the 7th district by voting for Rice will elect a CPA as well as a prominent attorney; professions which demand and expect integrity, honesty, and trust.

Knowing Mr Rice, the voters can expect he will honor his pledges by voting for balancing the budget, a strong national defense, defending the Constitution, doing away with Obamacare for a better health care bill which will protect individuals health and not tax them to death, less regulations stymieing business, and most importantly getting jobs, and economic stability for the district. Rice will bring sanity to the insanity of Washington.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.