Letters to the Editor

Prayer | New guidelines won’t create more inclusive culture

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My reading of the Oct. 10 article on prayer at City Council meetings leads me to believe that the council is tiptoeing so close to the edge of the law that they are nervous about being caught.

Nobody but Christians uses the phrase “Almighty God,” Jews and Muslims don’t “stand for a moment of silent invocation,” or “invoke divine wisdom.”

To me this prayer is clearly sectarian and therefore violates the law. Who keeps tabs on them to see that they don’t slip into the kinds of statements they clearly would like to make? Do they commit these illegal acts knowing that if they are sued they can use public money to defend themselves? How could that be legal?

I’ve notified the ACLU and the legal department of the American Human Association of this activity.

Terry Munson

Pawleys Island


ID ruling image

a ‘Bubba’ call

Maybe the Department of “Justice” could spiff up its image by adopting a logo kinda like Smokey Bear.

A perfect one would be Buford T. Justice, as portrayed by the late and great Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit.

Bob Gruy

Pawleys Island