Letters to the Editor

Current election a turning point in our future

Re D.G. Schumacher’s Sept. 27 column “Presidential campaigns fade away like old soldiers”

I would like to differ with Mr. Schumacher on campaigns making a difference. I feel that this campaign is one of the most important in our history.

We have a Marxist President in office and a group of his socialist followers running our country, this after 60 years fighting to keep communism out of our government. He and his followers are doing everything in their power to bankrupt this country and place us into a depression. They are like their Marxist counterparts, living like Kings and the citizens are like peons living on the government handouts.

Successful people have been put down as mean and cruel, while the non-achievers have been told that they were used and abused by people who could give them jobs and help them make the American dream come true.

The Republicans passed the civil rights act and Johnson had to sign it. You certainly have a loss of memory for a senior writer when it comes to events in our government. I am a nobody and I can remember who, what and where ... that you have forgotten.

With you as a senior writer on the editorial board of the newspaper. It was also announced that Mark Webster is now the new president and editor with 31 years with Knight Ridder. I can see this paper going even further left. Yes, I subscribe to this paper for the ads, sales, and crossword puzzles. We get our news and editorials from the Washington time’s weekly edition.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach