Letters to the Editor

Letters | Playing the race card for votes is unfair

I sat in disbelief the other day as I watched a mainstream media news program report on President Obama and his supporters. He sat at a phone bank making calls and the sign below the tables read “African Americans For Obama.”.

I thought, “Racist, pure outright racist.” If Mitt Romney had been interviewed at a “White Americans For Romney” phone bank trying to raise funds, the mainstream media would have crucified him for being a racist. Black Americans would have been up in arms, members of the NAACP would have thrown themselves on ashes and torn their clothes, Hollywood liberals would have paraded themselves in front of a microphone to denounce Romney as a divider.

Of course there is no known campaign group called “White Americans For Romney” making calls for Romney . In my opinion President Obama is the racist; the divider; the teller-of –tall- tales; the incompetent one;

Nikita Khrushchev once said: “Russia does not have to destroy America with missiles; America will destroy from within.” He was right. The liberals, communists, socialists, and anarchists should be very proud—they have accomplished their task.

Bruce Rutherford



Romney, Ryan offer

best economic plan

Re Oct. 1 letter from Charles G. Lague, “We may be old, but we’re not dumb”

I am in a similar age bracket, slightly younger, and my financial status is about the same. This article, for the most part, discusses tax alternatives. Here is where I see the snake oil. Guess what? The problem is not taxes, as a way to increase revenue; this will have very little impact on balancing the budget. It is spending. Even though we went into Iraq and ran up some big debt; President Obama has succeeded in increasing the debt, to a much greater extent, with reckless spending. We agree on the problem and agree on the impact this debt will have on the life style of our generations.

So; what is the answer? There is only one. Increase revenue and reduce spending. The only question facing us is; who is best capable and qualified to do that? Obama has a Harvard Law degree in Constitutional Law, no less. I have learned, in consulting, that if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. His answer to fixing everything is by passing legislation, most of which goes against our founding values.

His wife, Michelle, said it well in her convention address when she said her husband, Barack makes decisions based on his experience. This “experience” has led to trillions of tax payer dollars in wasteful spending. He lacks the business knowledge of even the basics of supply and demad, therefore Solyndra and “shovel ready stimulus projects,” and does not even see that uncompetitive tax policies and excessive regulation drive business offshore.

He then states that we are not going to give tax breaks to companies that out source our American jobs. That resonates well with his followers but is not reality. They were driven offshore in order to remain competitive in a more “business friendly” environment.

His bank teller statement demonstrates that he does not even understand the relationship between productivity and improved standard of living. The “green energy” policy shows a complete lack of understanding that these sources are not even close to being a viable alternative, and big government can’t fix that. His own statements continue to show that he does not understand how the economy works and he has not even recruited capable advisors to help him in this regard.

The only question on the table is; who can best increase revenue and reduce spending? The Romney/Ryan Team has offered a balanced budget. They both have worked in the private sector and know how business works. Their policies will promote job growth and energy independence as well as improve exports. All of which are essential ingredients of a more robust economy.

More time will not fix the problem. We need a different method. Job growth is the answer to increasing revenue, not taxation.

Harold Wiegel

North Myrtle Beach