Letters to the Editor

Rhetoric | Neal Boortz’s comments untrue, incendiary

Like some of my conservative friends, I like to keep up with what the other side is saying. Most of the time it makes me cringe, but every once in a while I take in a valid point.

However I couldn't believe my ears the other day when, while monitoring what I call propaganda radio, I heard some guy named Neal Boortz flatly proclaim that the only people who would vote for President Obama are liars, thieves, and shiftless bums.

Who’d have thought? I'm a successful, productive, and caring American, who provides for his family, and with the exception of a few much appreciated student loans, I have never taken anything from the government. And I'm voting for the President.

He went on to say that if the President is re-elected, we should all go out and obtain several guns, much ammunition, and learn how to use it. His reasoning was that the "have-nots" will be coming for what the "haves" have worked so hard to accumulate.

Now I realize that most level-headed individuals will pass this off as just fanatical rant. But this type of incendiary comment stirs frenzy in the handful of Jared Loughners [man who pleaded guilty to shooting 19 in Tucson] out there, and I wonder at what point radio stations like WRNN assume responsibility for the content of its programming.

I too could easily throw out choice names and hateful insults at some of these government haters and people who maintain a tea-party mentality, but it would only make me appear bitter, ignorant, and un-informed, as this Boortz fellow obviously is.

I'm as passionate about my politics and my candidate as anyone, but I approach every issue with objectivity and a clear head. I try to obtain information from impartial, credible sources, not circus acts that are banking on you being so ignorant that you won't know the difference.

Richard Britt

Myrtle Beach