Letters to the Editor

Bias | Headline, placement of article show slant

The Sun News’ stripes are showing again. The front page gets the pump-up on a still-so-sad 7.8 percent unemployment number and faux wage hike info and another $1.1 trillion deficit gets relegated to page 4 in a dinky mention along with other things you deem incidental.

Let's see...which one of those things is about forever and which one is about one 30-day cycle? Shame on you if you did that intentionally or shame on you if you just don't get the math. Anthony Castelli's letter to you on "Debt Doublespeak" (9/16/12) lays it out beautifully. Numbers don't lie -- people do....and some people who fancy themselves journalists move the facts around to suit their own agenda.

Knock off the Kool-Aid. Our futures and our children and grandchildren's futures are being forever changed in a frightening way. As Margaret Thatcher so eloquently said, "The problem with Socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other people's money.”

Jane Coble

Myrtle Beach