Letters to the Editor

Presidential politics | Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

I keep hearing that question and the response from some is yes. Obviously those people do not know the facts. It is clear that they have not bought gas lately (it is almost twice as high as in 2009). They have not gone to the store lately and bought peanut butter or bread or any other items. They have not looked at their bank statements and seen what the interest rate is (or tried to live off a pension and non-existent interest).

These people should check the median household income which is down 8.2 percent since 2009.

Elation was probably the way they felt when they heard the new unemployment figure announced, under 8 percent. Unfortunately they do not realize this figure does not include people who are now working part time instead of full time or those who have stopped looking for work. If those figures are included you get an underemployment rate of 14.7 percent, which is more realistic.

The federal budget deficit for the just-ended 2012 fiscal year, marked its fourth straight year above $1 trillion.

So are we better off? No.

The current administration is to blame for all of these problems and more. Nov. 6th is a day when everyone who is proud of this great country needs to go to the polls and vote the Obama Administration out and get the USA turned in the right direction.

Richard Deitz

Myrtle Beach