Letters to the Editor

Harrelson best pick to be

The primary responsibilities of the county auditor are to assemble the county’s records of real and personal property and to calculate individual property taxes to be paid each year. This important responsibility to the taxpayers of Georgetown County deserves to be in the hands of someone who has experience and understands the duties and the relationships this office has with local governmental officials, the S.C. Department of Revenue and the S.C. Comptrollers Office.

Kathy Harrelson, a Georgetown native, has this experience and knowledge. She has worked in the Georgetown County Auditor’s office for seven years. Her parents, Miller and Dewey Sullivan have been politically involved in Georgetown for decades. Her husband, Jamie, and her family have a history of dedicated public service in our area and state.

Kathy worked hard to secure the signatures needed to be on the November ballot as a petition candidate, which is proof of her commitment to serve as our auditor. A vote for Kathy Harrelson as a petition candidate, regardless of party affiliation, will be a vote for someone who will serve our county with the honesty and integrity we deserve.

Vida Miller

Pawleys Island

The writer is a former member of the S.C. House of Representatives