Letters to the Editor

Elections | Gloria Tinubu makes sense for 7th District seat

It isn’t often that a candidate, for any political office, runs to serve all the people. We have one with Gloria Bromell Tinubu. Gloria is reaching out to all voters in the newly created 7th U.S. congressional district. She has reached out to businesses, seniors, working people, retirees, and the young people of our district to demonstrate her dedication and commitment in serving all the people.

I don’t know of any group that Gloria hasn’t reached out to, unlike her opponent. Gloria truly understands her job will be to represent 100 percent of the people in the 7th District -- not just 47 percent.

The labor movement here in South Carolina is under attack and leading the charge is Gov. Nikki Haley. Gloria’s opponent is being supported and endorsed by the Governor. This clearly is an indication that Gloria’s opponent will be supporting her agenda against the fine working people of South Carolina. Clearly the working people need to support someone that supports them.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu will join the efforts of only two of the state’s U.S. legislators, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Congressman Jim Clyburn, who have been fighting for the ports of South Carolina. The ports would have already been approved for dredging if it hadn’t been for the Republican Party of South Carolina. Several opportunities were given to the state delegation to ask for the money but they refused. They were more concerned in defeating President Obama than helping the state of South Carolina.

The Labor Movement hasn’t just started discussing the port. Please go back in time and you will that labor has always been in the forefront for the Georgetown Port. The United Steelworkers and Georgetown Steel have been supportive of the port since the 70s.

Therefore, we will need to support someone who will be supporting us and who we can relate to. Gloria Bromell Tinubu supports the Labor Movement and won’t go to Washington to take away that right. Gloria won’t back down. Gloria supports women to be paid same as men doing the same job. Gloria supports helping college students with college loans. Gloria supports Social Security and Medicare and won’t support any measure that eliminates these programs for the Seniors.

Please join me and all my labor friends in supporting and voting for a true person for all the people. Gloria Bromell Tinubu is a proven leader.

James E. Sanderson, Jr.