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Politics | Obama supporters are the ones who’ve been duped

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I recently read a letter to the editor stating that the writer had been duped before when supporting political candidates and that he intended to support President Obama because his Medicare plan was better than the Romney/Ryan plan.

We certainly disagree on this. It makes me wonder how this gentleman could know what I know and come to this conclusion. Then I realized that he must not know either plan, he probably has listened to the President explain the Romney/Ryan plan and does not know either plan. The President has not been truthful explaining either one. He took $716 billion from Medicare to fund Obama Care and claims that he saved that much by changes to Medicare.

What were his changes? He reduced payments to Medicare providers by 30 percent and made cuts to the Medicare Advantage Plans. Ask your doctor how this will affect you and look at your insurance choices. The Romney/Ryan plan makes no changes to Medicare for those 55 and older.

There are many other ways that Americans have been duped by this President. I will name a few.

1. Nothing can be done to change gas prices ($1.84 when he took office).

False. Supply controls all prices.

2. We inherited the worst recession (it was over by the next year) in American history

False! Ronald Reagan got a worse one and grew the economy out of the recession.

3. We need green energy now

He is right that we need to develop green energy so that at some point it will be

feasible but not before it is. We need to develop all energy sources in this time of Mideast unrest and this economy. What would we do with the difference paid in gas prices? Would that difference grow our economy? You bet it would!

4. He saved GM and Romney would have let it go out of existence.

False. Romney is a business man and he knows how a bankruptcy works! GM would

have gone through bankruptcy as it eventually did anyway but without spending the

millions of taxpayer money that the Obama way did. The bond holders of GM would

not have lost everything and the unions would not own 55 percent of it!

5. Obama cares about the poor and the unemployed.

This may be true but his actions point to another more important concern. The

environment; he has cost thousands of jobs in the energy sector and has driven up the

cost of heating and cooling our homes, driving, and food. Why is he doing this now

during this bad economy when so many are hurting so much? The rest of the world is

full steam ahead with polluting our environment. We cannot save the environment by

sacrificing America and causing the whole world to be poorer and more oppressed.

6. Everybody needs to pay their fair share of taxes.

This is true but not the way Obama explains it. He says that Warren Buffet’s secretary

pays a higher percentage of taxes than Mr. Buffet does. This is so dishonest. This

secretary must make a lot of money if this is true. Check out IRS tax rates. Mr. Buffet

has already paid taxes on his money one time and now like Mitt Romney, he pays an

investment rate of 14-15 percent on investment earnings. This is the tax law, you pay more

on income earned than invested. The tax has already been paid once when it was


If you taxed the rich 75 percent as France has started doing, you could not maintain the current growth in entitlements and there is no guarantee that the rich would stay here and pay. They can live anywhere in the world. Can you people not understand that we are going the way of the socialist nations of the world who have already failed and the people are rioting in the streets because the governments can no longer pay all the entitlements?

Do you think that everybody is entitled to the things that they want? If you do, I want you to know that I am deprived and cannot afford a lot of what I want. I live on a budget within my income and I still work at 70 years old.

Ronald D. Todd

Myrtle Beach