Letters to the Editor

Politics | Obama the safest bet In presidential race

We cannot gamble on Mitt Romney. It’s not only because of his recent blunders (including a shocking insult to our closest ally Great Britain); it’s also because of what he proposes to do.

I have always been amazed at how short our political memory is. In this case we have forgotten that it was under a Republican administration that we got into this financial mess. Two ill-advised wars costing trillions of dollars (that tripled the national debt), massive deregulation of banks and Wall Street (naively expecting them to regulate themselves), and a huge tax break for the rich (that the Republicans still are holding onto), catapulted us into the collapse that concluded the Bush presidency.

What Romney proposes to do is to go back and do all of those things again…go back to the very things that put us into this mess.

When Obama went into office, it cannot be denied that he faced an uphill battle. It also can’t be denied that presently he has not totally fixed it. Certainly, we all wish that he had. But he has been working on it. He has worked to get us out of the two wars, he has worked to regulate the banks and Wall Street, and he has tried, over and over, to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the rich. He has even tried to address the inequities of our health care system.

In other words, he has not gone down the catastrophic road of the past that was responsible for putting us into this mess. He has studied, learned, and tried something else.

If we go with Romney, we will simply go back to the old policies that led us down this road. We will find ourselves in more ill advised wars, and the banks, Wall Street and the rich will be turned loose to go their merry way. Where is our memory? Where is our logic? Where is our common sense? Obama is not perfect, but he is the best we’ve got. He’s our only real option out.

Michal H. Hall

Murrells Inlet