Letters to the Editor

Carolina Forest mining project will pose safety risk

Congratulations to Rabbi David Weissman of Lakeside Crossing, Michelle Travisano of the Carolina Crossing area, Michael Smith of the Carolina Forest Chronicle, and the leadership of The Sun News. Praise is deserved for their efforts to inform the public about the shortcomings and negative impacts of the proposed so-called sand mining project in the highly populated and heavy U.S. 501 traffic area of Lakeside Crossing, Myrtle Trace, Legends, and the Carolina Forest area.

The proposed strip mining project will cause an environmental danger zone for each and every resident of the area. Within a few years, if not sooner, the existence and operation of the expanded project will destroy property values for each homeowner.

Homeowners in the area should not sit on the sidelines in the effort to stop the project. Get involved.

Contact Rabbi Weissman or Michelle Travisano to find ways one can be of assistance. Contact your local county legislator. Get involved.

The writer lives in Conway.