Letters to the Editor

Good Samaritans still exist

I wanted to share a local story about a Good Samaritan Christian in the Conway area. I was recently on my way to pick up some items from a local store in the west Conway area on U.S. 501. While traveling down the road in my truck, a blank, unsigned check blew out of my truck window. I pulled over, stopped the truck, and tried to catch the check that was blowing in the wind, down the side of the highway in afternoon traffic. Every time I tried to grab the check, the wind from the busy traffic blew the check just far enough beyond my reach. The harder I tried to catch the check, the further away the check sailed with the wind. Frustrated, I lost sight of the check and could not find it anywhere.

With all the current negative news about identity theft, I wanted to make sure that the check was not cashed, so I went to my local bank and cancelled the check, alerting them to the possibility of someone trying to “cash in” on my mishap. Even though the bank was alerted and the check stopped, I was still very concerned someone might take advantage of the situation.

Less than a week later I received a letter in the mail addressed to me that had no return address on it. I opened the letter to find a huge surprise inside: a note with the missing check I had been worried about! The letter stated the following:

Mr. Beverly,

I hope this note finds you in good health.

I was on the side of 501 Friday when I found this check belonging to you. Instead of calling and letting you know about it and then tearing it up, I decided to return it to you by mail.

May God bless you in your daily life and may He always smile upon you and bless you.


A Christian Servant

We never expected to see that check again! The author of the note did not include their name or address. This person did not do this to be recognized or rewarded by man. Since then, the story with the note has been shared at FBC Conway in my Sunday School class, then by my pastor during the morning worship service, the same day! My daughter also shared the story and read the letter at Gapway Baptist in Mullins during the worship service, where it was applauded!

I want to share the story with the hope that this Good Samaritan will read this letter and know that I sincerely thank God for this good, honest Christian person who lives out their faith and service to our Lord. Maybe this will inspire others to do the same and to let people know that there are still “good Christian people” here in our community. I truly believe that the Lord still does work in mysterious ways!

The writer lives in Conway.