Letters to the Editor

Chance for change in the 7th District

For years the majority of politics in this state and its elected officials on the national scene have been of the conservative Republican persuasion. They claim that they are job creators and represent the party most concerned for the plight of all our citizens. They have touted the idea that they have a commitment to education, protection of women and they say that they want us to be healthy and safe.

The facts indicate otherwise.

In the rates of poverty, of diabetes and obesity and rates of violent crimes and domestic violence our state ranks at or near the top. In the areas of high school graduation rates and expenditure per pupil South Carolina ranks at or near the bottom.

Now, along comes Tom Rice. He is cut from the same cloth as a lot of the folks who have been responsible for the dismal showing outlined above.

As Horry County Council chairman he has championed “Project Blue,” the code name for a big economic development project that was headed for a quick and nontransparent approval until some unsettling details came to light. Rice was not only letting the deal roll along without much question, he was one of the main drivers of the effort.

His lack of objective oversight with considerable public risk (one condition was that the county would buy back a $7 million building if the project went belly up) is troubling to say the least for a person in his high profile position.

The voters in the newly formed 7th Congressional District have a real choice. We have an opportunity to shed the promises not fulfilled of the powers that have been in place for too long.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu offers a viable alternative to the citizens of the 7th District. As an economist and educator, Gloria knows we must create jobs and invest in our schools in order to restore the American dream; and she is capable and energetic enough to fight to do just that.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.