Letters to the Editor

New tax not the way to fund Myrtle Beach performing arts center

I believe that it is unreasonable to ask Myrtle Beach residents to pay an additional tax in order to help pay for a multimillion-dollar performing arts center. Local taxpayers are already paying property taxes and a high sales tax plus an additional tax to pay for tourism promotion. Many, many of these taxpayers are, like myself, seniors in their seventies and eighties who are barely able to keep pace with the annual rate increases of their necessary insurance policies – health, auto, homeowners, etc. – increases in food, drugs, appliances that need to be repaired or replaced, and on and on.

A more equitable money raising plan would be for fund raising events to be held, and for a concerted approach to wealthy patrons with deep pockets and a deep love of cultural events.

I do hope that a performing arts center becomes a reality and brings enjoyment to many. However, it should not be brought about by any increased tax burden to the residents of Horry County who are already struggling in this economy.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.