Letters to the Editor

Street Reach ministers to homeless and volunteers alike

Re Oct. 4 article, “Street Reach more than ‘just a shelter’”

I would like to thank Maya Prabhu for her insightful article in Thursday’s Sun News regarding Street Reach and the programs it provides. As just one among a host of caring volunteers from churches and organization across the Grand Strand, our Wednesday night crew from First Presbyterian Church has cooked and served dinner there for the last 18 years. We have seen lives changed by both love and discipline. Despite common misconceptions, participants in Street Reach programs are there for a specific goals and a limited time period. The large majority are proud men, women and families who are working hard to find employment and new direction in their lives.

During the past summer, when my daughter required a series of life-threatening surgeries at the Medical University of South Carolina, I received an envelope mailed from Street Reach, tiny bits of paper filled with kind thoughts and prayers for her recovery. Like many other purposeful volunteer programs, we at Street Reach receive so much more than we give.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.