Letters to the Editor

Big Box store in Pawleys Island would mean needed jobs

It is very rare that I read Issac Bailey. It’s even rarer that I agree with anything he says, but, he was right in his article about a “Big Box” store coming to Pawleys Island.

Some of the residents there have been very vocal in their opposition to a project to bring new life to a rundown plaza. These very loud and vocal people talk out of both sides of their mouth. In one breath they talk about putting mom and pop stores out of business, but also talk about how they don’t mind driving a few miles to the Wal-Mart in Georgetown, Garden City Beach or Surfside Beach. Where was their support of these stores that are now closed in this plaza in their community?

When I saw the picture of the loud and vocal people in attendance at the meeting recently, I noticed that most of these people are or appear to be over 65. These new stores will bring jobs to this area, but being older and retired, I guess they don’t need or want a job anymore. This area is not a retirement community; it’s a tourist area. If you choose to live here you must accept the crowds and noise that come with it.

These are the same type of people that pushed to get rid of the motorcycle rallies and Helicopter Adventures and anything else that brings jobs to this area. Horry County Council Chairman Tom Rice led the fight to try to get rid of the motorcycle rallies and is on the County Council trying to get rid of Helicopter Adventures. He is also running for Congress and wants to be our representative. What does this say about where he stands on new jobs for this area? Seems to me, he should be leading the way trying to bring new jobs to this area. Where do you stand on this issue, Mr. Rice? Strangely, he’s quiet on this issue.

One of the people who complained about Helicopter Adventures said the helicopters sounded like moaning to him. Listen carefully, Mr. Rice and all of you who want to rid our area of jobs, the next moaning you will hear are the jobless and those on welfare. I guess they turn a deaf ear to this type of moaning. Our community wants and needs jobs.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.