Letters to the Editor

Vote third party this year

Re Sept. 26 column by Farah Stockman, “A plea for a new party”

I appreciate the point that neither major political party, Democrats or Republicans, has a monopoly on lying to the public. Lying seems to be ingrained in both of them.

But to her point, or desire, that we need a new party, I would say that there already are other parties to choose from. And what our country desperately needs is a strong, viable third party that would hold the major parties accountable. What we need to do as voters is proactively research the platforms of the many third parties that exist, find the one that best matches our political inclinations, and vote for that party’s candidate.

Many say to me that to vote third party is to waste my vote. I say that to vote for liars on either side of the aisle is a wasted vote anyway. The fact is the two party system is broken. Both major political parties are bought, sold and beholding to corporate America. To vote for the “lesser of two evils” is still to vote for evil! As American citizens we have a responsibility to investigate our options so that we might vote for a candidate that will honestly and forthrightly represent all Americans, not just the upper business crust.

This year, take a stand. Refuse to vote for either Obama or Romney. Refuse to vote for the same lame representatives that have done nothing to improve our lot. Vote with integrity for integrity. Vote third party.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.