Letters to the Editor

Nobody ever wins a war

Do not fool yourselves; no one has ever won a war. When you take into consideration the loss of lives, the maiming of bodies, the family hardships, and the billions of dollars that could be better spent on education, infrastructure, helping the needy and on and on, nobody ever wins. The best any nation can hope for is to save its citizenry from the ravages of defeat as was rendered by Hitler and personified in “Gone With the Wind.”

Now the individual who made the anti-Muslim movie should be punished. Even if he were correct, freedom of speech does not extend to screaming fire in a crowded theater. What this man did can be likened to that. We all know that much of the Muslim world hates us and could be compared to a coiled rattle snake. Anyone stupid enough to tease a coiled rattle snake must be dangerously insane.

Was our government correct in apologizing? I think so. If my child purposely broke a neighbor’s window, I would apologize. I hope you would also.

Now our conservative talk show hosts with the exception of the convicted felon ex-Col. Oliver North are a bunch of draft dodgers. The closest any of them have been to a uniform is probably when they looked at a Cub Scout uniform in their local department store window. Still they broadcast from command posts and command their own imaginary armies. They quite bravely and nobly are prepared to send our children and grandchildren into battle. They criticize our apologies, made in hope of keeping the peace. They remind me of a child making threats while hiding behind his mother.

When you see my name you may think I am of Middle Eastern descent. I am a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, raised in the South. I am the brother of two Southern Baptist ministers and the grandson of one. I am also a veteran of the Korean conflict.

The next time you hear someone question our government’s quest for peace, asks yourself who will win.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.