Letters to the Editor

Edge’s effectiveness gravely damaged

The re-election of Rep. Tracy Edge to the state House of Representatives on Nov. 6 will be a great disservice to the district.

Though Mr. Edge has shown some effectiveness in the past, distractions, divisions, lawsuits and continuing negative public opinions have and will continue to gravely impact his ability and effectiveness in carrying out the objectives and wishes of the people of House District 104 in the future. Among his issues are:

A lawsuit he has vowed to fight

Division within his party and his city

Voting and attendance records last legislative session

Guilty charges not taken care of, resulting in license suspension and arrest

Employment? No longer listed on employer’s Web page under Executive Management

Mr. Edge’s seniority, experience and influence has been and will continue to be severely weakened in the future. The multitude and magnitude of issues and personal problems has already proven to have a negative impact on Mr. Edge’s effectiveness to serve. This is revealed in his voting and attendance records during the last session summarized by The Sun News on its legislative report card.

Mr. Edge’s ability and effectiveness to serve has been gravely damaged.

The writer, running as a Democrat against Edge for the House District 104 seat, lives in Little River.