Letters to the Editor

Legalize artificial light for small game hunting

Five years ago I met with Thad Viers concerning the problem with small game and asking for a law for using artificial light at night to hunt small game such as fox, coyotes. Our discussion went nowhere.

I then contacted the state’s Department of Natural Resources with the same question and there too it was a sore subject. They had a problem with having a lot of phone calls from residents complaining of shots fired. To resolve this all, why not have the hunter call DNR and notify the property owner of their doings?

I feel if we don’t do something soon, we’re all going to see attacks, rabies and loss of your pets. Breeding takes place during April to June. During this period and until the pups are weaned and out on their own, the male and female are constant companions, with the male sharing the duties of parenthood. This is the time when adult animals are the most vulnerable, since much more food must be gathered to feed the young. This increases activity and causes coyotes to be bolder and more aggressive.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.