Letters to the Editor

Georgetown County wants your money

Georgetown County wants you to give them $2,000. How, you ask? They want you to volunteer to give them $250 a year for eight years. This is a joke, right? No, the joke will be on you in the form of a 1 percent sales tax.

Why would anyone even think of voting for this? Aren’t we suffering through the worst economy since The Great Depression? Isn’t unemployment in Georgetown County over 9 percent with real unemployment over 18 percent?

Couldn’t this new tax reduce consumer spending, investment and jobs? Isn’t it unfair, regressive and hits those on fixed incomes the hardest? The answers would be yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Why would the county propose such a thing? Because they want to spend more of your money. On what? Dredging, more parks, bigger libraries -- you get the idea. Aren’t they already spending hundreds of millions of dollars on all that stuff? Yes they are (except dredging), but they want more. Another $40 million out of your pocket.

Why would they even consider this? Because their credit card is maxed out. They’ve done every kind of creative financing you can think of to fund their spending sprees. Did you know the land under the new courthouse is not owned by the county? That’s just one of the tricks cooked up by their bond lawyers and finance people on Wall Street.

Now they want the hard working people of Georgetown County to sign up for their firing squad. But the people of Georgetown County are a lot smarter than that and they’ll send a strong message to county leaders on Nov. 6. I believe they’ll vote no on the 1 percent sales tax and defeat it. The message will be clear: Stop raising taxes and stop wasting our money!

The writer, a former Georgetown County councilman, lives in Pawleys Island.