Letters to the Editor

Georgetown SAT scores need better explanation

Re Sept. 25 article, “Horry tops S.C. average on SATs”

I think I know the answer to why Horry County’s overall SAT score averages rose and Georgetown County’s fell in 2012. It’s due to one of the following two reasons: The 45 new test takers were poor performing students who moved from Horry County to Georgetown County. Or the Georgetown county schools representative who made the ridiculous statement “Anytime you find the number of test takers increasing, there is usually a decline in the overall averages” is an unfortunate example of the quality of teachers in Georgetown.

Doesn’t the law of averages apply anymore? Why would more test takers mean lower scores? Why do they assume that those 45 new children are poor performers? Maybe they are 45 children who studied hard and are aspiring to go to college. I hope this isn’t some sort of “new math” they are teaching the kids today. And I think the teachers in the Georgetown schools deserve a better spokesperson.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.