Letters to the Editor

Obama failed those who died in Libya

Re Sept. 23 letter by Edward Morgan, “Romney shows weakness on foreign policy”

Your letter was very interesting, so much so that I had to read it several times. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Yet I did. What I missed was your facts to substantiate your theory or theories.

What you did sir, was to fall victim to the propaganda arm of the administration, the American news media. There’s a common saying: Tell a lie often enough and sincere enough and pretty soon everyone will believe you.

Had you and others paid attention, you would have found that what happened was not spontaneous, rather there was a well coordinated plan of attack, their modus aperandi on anniversaries of their victories.

My proof is simple, once the truth was forthcoming; all the coverage was either altered or eliminated. Vanished was coverage concerning the murder of the American ambassador and the other three Americans. The media has left out the dragging of the ambassador’s dead body out of the building or the attempts to remove the clothing from his body. However, your attempt to discredit Mr. Romney was clear and evident.

Mr. Morgan, you are a part of the 47 percent Mr. Romney refers to, the ones that are voting for “four more years.” Sir, you are part of the group that Mr. Romney has designated as those who he will not dissuade, as are the 47 percent the Mr. Obama will not dissuade. However, the battle is over the 6 percent who have not committed.

I would remind you of what another president did. Americans were killed by a former Libyan leader, so he went and bombed the leader’s tent, and that leader went into hiding.

Mr. Morgan, America today is viewed as weak: morally, militarily and financially. We are sorely lacking in leadership, something I fear Mr. Obama neither knows anything about or has been incapable of demonstrating, while he and his followers blame others for his failures. That, sir, is not leadership.

In closing, I would like to remind you that Mr. Romney was correct in his observation.

The writer lives in Conway.