Letters to the Editor

Is anyone paying attention to the Middle East?

After observing the unfortunate events that have taken place in the Middle East and the total lack of leadership shown by our government, I find our government to be a total embarrassment. After four of our finest people are murdered in Libya by medieval morons, we then send in the Marines. Why weren’t they there from the start? It is very apparent that the Arab world resents the U.S. and it should also be apparent that we should pull out of these countries and let them stew in their own juices.

In addition, if our president thinks that economic sanctions will slow down Iran’s quest for a nuclear bomb, then he is more naive than I ever imagined. Iranians would sell their souls to gain such a weapon and the only thing that will stop them is military intervention. You just can’t debate your way out of this situation, you have to act on it.

The writer lives in Conway.