Letters to the Editor

Rep. Clemmons is no racist

Calling Rep. Alan Clemmons a racist is like saying bulls like red flags. Rep Clemmons is the least person I know who can be considered racist. He is one of many representatives who take their legislative work seriously, and he does a fine job in whatever task he is asked to undertake. For a man of his fine caliber and impeccable credentials to be disrespected with a charge of discrimination is the height of immorality. I have known Rep. Clemmons for many years, and I can attest to the fact that he is colorblind when it comes to a person’s color. He is a sincere, likeable, person who has helped many people irrespective of their race.

I have worked on many integrated racial community projects, such as the Martin Luther King parade committee, intercultural relations group, feeding the less fortunate during Thanksgiving day, and many others, and I have always found Clemmons to be a huge supporter of these worthy causes.

Those who don’t know Clemmons and say he is a bigoted racist because he was the floor manager in the House of Representatives on the voter ID bill that passed both the House and Senate are plain mistaken as well as misinformed. Whatever your take on the bill, Rep. Clemmons believed it is a worthy piece of legislation, with the majority of his constituents favoring the bill. As for those who disagree with Rep. Clemmons on his sponsorship and vote on the Voter ID bill, it’s their democratic right and prerogative to do so, but for goodness sake don’t charge Clemmons as being a racist, he is not. Lastly, let me say I respect Clemmons for his tolerance, candor, service and excellence of character; he is a class act, and a good person.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.