Letters to the Editor

United behind Obama? No way, never

Re Sept. 20 letter by Pat Banks, “In time of crisis, unite behind president”

Really? Really? Unite behind a president that has caused more strife and unrest in this country than I can remember? Unite behind a president that has endorsed abortion that has not given Israel the support we need to give if we are to remain the great country we are? Unite behind a president that lied during his campaign and has during his term in office selected radicals and communists to positions of power? Unite with a president that endorses gay marriage?

One nation under God; I don't think so. Barack Obama has done all in his power to separate and divide this nation and I have no intention of uniting with him. The bumper sticker on my car would read “Elect anyone other than Obama in 2012.” Just saying.

Hopefully the “unite” letter was similar the “share the Olympics awards” letter – otherwise it reflects the uneducated, uninformed nature of another “it's all about me” liberal.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.