Letters to the Editor

Government does help its citizens

Re Aug. 29 letter by John Tuohy, “Government should take no credit for business success”

Correct, Mr. Tuohy, America was not created as a democracy, “on paper.” Even first-graders (“…and to the republic, for which it stands…”) have at least rudimentary knowledge of America’s founding as a republic. But fortunately, greed and hate can’t reverse our actual democratic history.

You (and possibly de Tocqueville) define a “Republic” as “government designed to protect minorities against the potential tyranny of majority democratic rule.” You call me “ignorant of our country’s founding,” yet apparently claim (1) government was formed to prevent democracy, (2) it’s “tyranny” for the “majority” working class to exercise their needs, dreams or rights, (3) government was formed exclusively for benefiting the “minority” rich, and (4) elsewhere writing that government is not for “protecting Americans,” apparently reversing the rights of working citizens. Summarizing: government exists to profit Mr. Tuohy, but is otherwise a grave danger. Sir, your fantasy world is highly reminiscent of Russia.

True, only someone displaying my “appalling ignorance” could possibly think corporations, and their CEOs, strive to control government. Only someone with my “abysmal comprehension” could ever imagine Sheldon Adelson wanting anything in return for the $100 million he’s giving Romney’s campaign. Incredibly, reports calculate that through some miracle, a Romney victory would guarantee Adelson a minimum $2 billion return on his heartfelt generosity.

You list Microsoft as excelling without government “intrusion.” Isn’t Microsoft an international giant because of American trademark, copyright and/or patent laws, enacted and enforced by government?

My letter briefly referred to an absence of corporate patriotism, but as symptom, not disease. Thus you seem to misunderstand Samuel Johnson’s quote (“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”) by implying that actual patriots might be “scoundrels.” Johnson meant patriotism used selfishly for manipulation or profit, which I didn’t do. Sinclair Lewis said essentially the same: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” Indeed it is.

Government is a “dead hand on the throat of nearly all U.S. businesses”? Heaven forefend workers’ children be protected from botulism, arsenic-laden, exploding water, combustible infant wear or un-maintained school bus brakes. Not while billionaires cry out for more money. True, only someone “steeped in the illogic of liberal progressivism” could ever promote ideas “right out of the works of Karl Marx,” like keeping mad cow disease out of Food Lion.

How off topic, yet symptomatic, calling me “Marxist” for honoring over 100 million American workers assisting the WWII effort. You pontificate that it’s “beneath contempt” to revere workers responsible for every weapon, plane, ship, bullet, bomb, button and sock used in wartime. Yes, ignorant “Doug” thinks that over 100 million healthy workers, laboring several years, accomplished more than approximately 1 million dead and wounded military personnel.

How is a soldier, tragically killed in his first hour of battle, any braver than a woman who would have gladly fought and died, if permitted, but who spent those years welding some of 296,429 aircraft instead?

And never have I “asserted” America was “founded as a welfare state.” Only that God doesn’t distribute gifts equally, so we should share. Like Jesus said.

Unfortunately there isn’t space to address your other interesting claims. Thanks for reading both letters, responding, and presumably agreeing with the unchallenged facts.

The writer lives in Galivants Ferry.