Letters to the Editor

Tinubu has resume to lead us to success

South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District covers eight counties, including three that rank among the state’s top 10 unemployment rates and, according to the Horry County Literacy Council, 25-30 percent of the county’s population reads below a fifth grade level.

Unemployment and subpar literacy are not unrelated and it’s going to take someone who understands both to solve these problems. Gloria Bromell Tinubu has the understanding and qualifications to do so. Ms. Tinubu graduated from the South Carolina public school system and earned a doctorate in applied economics at Clemson University, so she knows South Carolina education. Ms. Tinubu is also the Chair/CEO of her own company specializing in community development, so she knows business and economic growth.

Whether it’s double digit unemployment or subpar literacy, Ms. Tinubu understands the solutions to help the voters of the 7th District.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.