Letters to the Editor

Obama may be nice, but that’s not enough

Re Sept. 13 letter by Karen Baron, “Consider qualities before you vote”

Last week one of your readers told us she was continuing to support Obama because of his character. I can’t believe it.

Let’s just consider a few things. Measure the man’s results against his promises, those made while he was running for president and those made at his inauguration and three subsequent State of the Union speeches. This will show you a man who makes empty promises and speaks what the masses want to hear. This is a man whose key adviser, Valerie Jarret, believes he is to rule, not govern.

Look around you, great leaders do not blame others for their failures or their administration’s failure. Go do a bit of homework; you’ll see that he has blamed Bush for more than three years.

He has said in more than 50 speeches that we are our brother’s keeper. Then please tell me why his half brother is living in abject poverty, and on this theme of charity, maybe you need to check the percentage of Obama’s charitable giving versus Romney’s. You will be shocked.

I have a question for that reader: You want to vote for him because of his experience, but help me here, four years ago, he had none, and yet you still voted for him. Not sure I can follow this train of thought. In the last election, we had a man who had a meteoric ride with little or no accomplishments. He served in the Illinois Senate, and served a very short term in U.S. Senate, voting present much of the time. Does this not tell you something about a man who chooses to not pick a side on an issue; surely some issues have to make your blood boil either way.

You see Karen, I have met some very nice people throughout my career. Nice does not cut it, results matter. Nice is good, but competence and results trumps nice in any setting. In addition, does anyone really believe the term “leading from behind”? Sounds to me like the way a coward would lead.

Karen was asking us all to give him one more chance. Well, let me ask everyone one last question. Are you and your friends better off today than four years ago?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.