Letters to the Editor

Election offers chance to change direction

Soon we will have the opportunity to vote into office people who will help govern our country over the next few years. They have a chance to change our direction in the following areas.

1: Establish a requirement for military training upon graduation from high school/college (one or two years).

This type of training introduces discipline into our lives. This teaches us to withstand the highs and lows of our life cycles.

2: Establish laws that prohibit lying about military service. I understand that the Supreme Court allows people to lie without being prosecuted. It is also understood that the House of Representatives is preparing a new law to correct the damage created by the Supreme Court.

3: Establish strong military protection for our government offices in Muslim countries, where extremism is rampant. Having worked in such a country for over three years, I was well protected by the Muslims but this is not true everywhere; we must act accordingly.

4: Locally, I wish to thank the Sun News for the Sept. 20 article, “S.C. ranks high in violence report.” I believe that one of the major causes of violence is due to the environment created in the Myrtle Beach area by our elected officials.. There are too many strip clubs, escort services and other questionable activities that contribute to our violence in Myrtle Beach. Our leaders have ignored a petition signed by about 1,100 people concerning improvement of laws to control obscenity in Myrtle Beach. We can issue a wake-up call to our electorate through our votes.

May God bless our electorate for doing the right thing.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.