Letters to the Editor

Romney shows weakness on foreign policy

The recent events that have occurred around the world have shown me a big weakness in having Mitt Romney as president of the United States. I am talking about the demonstrations and the killing of four U.S. citizens in Libya. Mr. Romney came out and made erroneous statements before the facts were known. This is something a person in a leadership position should not do. I know patience sometimes is difficult, but most times it produces the best results.

Let us take a look at what happened and the results so far. The first thing we have now learned is how the video made in the U.S. and was made known to the people of the Middle East. We know someone involved with the making of the video sent it to some newspaper employees in Egypt. At first, it was ignored and then the people who sent it kept pestering the editor of the Egyptian newspaper. They finally reported about the video. Learning about this, many Muslims started demonstrating.

As these demonstrations were taking place, the more militant who had access to heavy weapons used them against our embassy. With no advance notice of the demonstrations, the Libyan government was not prepared to control the mob.

Some employee in one of our embassies released a statement that said the U.S. did not agree with the video, but our country has freedom of religion and cannot stop someone who puts out this type of video. The statement was issued before any of the demonstrations at our embassies. After the demonstrations started, Mitt Romney stated that President Obama apologized. This is untrue, but stirred controversy in the U.S. I believe that those protestors, who learned of our leaders arguing over this, might have been encouraged to have more demonstrations against America.

The criticism of the president also brought out the war hawks as seen on the editorial page of The Sun News. Before all the facts were known, we had three letters calling for bombing and military action in the places where the protests took place. I wonder if they want military action in Australia and Indonesia besides the Middle East. The protests in Australia and Indonesia took place after the letters had been written.

Our president handled this crisis correctly. He did not overreact without facts. He did send, as quickly as possible, more security for embassies where needed. He also communicated to the governments a reminder of their responsibility to protect the embassies. In his communications to these countries, he let them know that help from the U.S. would not be there if they did not control their citizens. He has also sent a team of FBI agents to find the murderers and promised to see that they pay the price for their deed.

President Obama did the right thing. He moved quickly where it made sense and did not overreact which could inflame a situation. Today we have had Christian and Muslim leaders appearing together in Egypt calling for peace. Mitt Romney quickly reacted without all the facts. This is not what we need in a president.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.