Letters to the Editor

This election will be vital to our welfare

This is not just another election it is a “make or break” election. The way things are going and will continue to go if Obama is re-elected, you may end up with not being able to afford any other food than beans or rice, especially if you are a senior with a fixed income and dealing with fraudulent Social Security zero-cost-of-living increases. Don’t count on food stamps bailing you out as there may not be enough money from other people’s taxes.

The continual printing of money to pay for Obama-led spending can only cheapen the dollar, towards making it worthless. Measured in dollars, the stock market may appear to be doing well, but not in real buying power. Lots more dollars will be required to pay for food and necessities.

Any savings will become worthless as well. In addition, our freedom from government oppression will continue to be eroded.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.