Letters to the Editor

Rally losses can be traced to council actions

The article telling about how much revenue has been lost in the bike rallies is understandable. Put the blame where it belongs, which is the result of action taken by Myrtle Beach City Council and its mayor a few years ago.

I can remember when Broadway at the Beach was filled with vendors from all over the country. The biggest names in the motorcycle industry came to the event and bikers supported those vendors. Once Myrtle Beach took the action to reduce the days allowed for vendor permits, those major vendors no longer could show up because they could not make a profit. What exists now are very few vendors and a lot of lost revenue from bike week. Let’s bring back the good old days of bike week and you will see how the Harley rally will more than pay for itself.

Lower the vendor permit costs and increase the time they can be set up to 10 days and the big names in the industry will return.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.