Letters to the Editor

Obama’s job evaluation, simplified

Obama's job evaluation:

1. Unemployment above 8.0

2. Gas prices doubled

3. Food prices rising

4. No budget by Obama for over three years

5. Overwhelming spending, out-of-control debt

6. Obamacare, where our medical care will be compromised and the cost will be prohibitive. Ask why people from other countries come to America for their care!

7. A downgrading of our financial standing, twice

8. A weakening of our reputation among other countries. Ask why there are uprising in 20 Middle East countries. The answer is, because they can! They see Obama as weak.

9. A weakening of our relationships with our allies: Israel, etc.

10. Devastated real estate market, depressed home prices.

11. Late term abortions -- who would allow this? Obama!

12. More people on food stamps.

13. Tarnished our country's motto, “In God we trust “

14. While Obama is an eloquent speaker, do we need a “cool speaker in chief”?

It is said that how a nation cares for the very young and the very old speaks of its greatness or its decline. Think about this. Do your homework and vote.

Lastly, ask yourself, who in their right mind would rehire this person?

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.