Letters to the Editor

President Obama has dictatorship in the works

The citizens of the United States need to be aware of the great possibility of a dictatorship that is being perpetrated by the executive branch of this government.

By executive fiat, the president has overruled the legislative branch regarding the deportation of illegal aliens. The president did the exact same thing with the “work rule” in the welfare bill; the Congress made the must seek work clause undefeatable, but this president, thumbing his nose at the Constitution, issued a executive order that overruled that clause, and his illegal order is being enforced.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency agents are being threatened by their superiors in the Obama administration for enforcing the current law that was passed by the legislative branch of the government and then overruled by the executive branch.

If the executive branch of the government can make and enforce laws then you have a dictatorship, the people no longer have a say. The fact that Homeland Security is enforcing the fiat on immigration law issued by the president should scare all Americans. It is unconstitutional; only the legislative branch can make laws, but that doesn’t stop this president.

What if the executive branch decided to issue a fiat to eliminate elections and all law enforcement agencies in the United States backed them up, then what? We must stop this now.

Beware, if Obama is re-elected, what is to prevent him from issuing more executive fiats and having them enforced by his minions ignoring the Supreme Court and the Constitution? If we don’t act now we will lose our freedom and our country.

Being a lame duck president, if Obama is re-elected nothing can stop him, except us, and we must do it now.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.