Letters to the Editor

No, jobless benefits aren’t coming out of paychecks

Re Sept. 13 letter by Joe Boggs, “Any business fee affects all of us”

Mr. Boggs opens his argument by calling Mr. Branch a “lazy thinker” and thereby immediately shows a lack of any intellect regarding payroll deductions and unemployment insurance, which is what Mr. Branch’s letter (George Branch, Sept. 7, “Jobless benefit costs not borne by workers”) was in response to.

I do not wish to try to educate Mr. Boggs and the many others who actually believe that their employers are deducting unemployment benefits from employees’ paychecks. I would simply refer him to dew.sc.gov, the state of S.C. Employment website. To quote from the state’s website, “Employers fund unemployment insurance entirely. It is not welfare nor are funds withheld from your pay for these benefits.” So where does the burden of this tax, fee, premium come from? Almost all the costs of doing any kind of business are passed on to the customer/consumer, Mr. Boggs, not the worker.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.