Letters to the Editor

‘Leave it to Beaver’? We should be so lucky

Re Sept. 17 letter by Jim Watkins, “Another character from ‘Leave it to Beaver’ ”

I was amazed at the negative slant in the comparison of Mitt Romney and Ward Cleaver. During my younger years, the “Leave it to Beaver” era, Ward Cleaver was the person we all wanted our dads to emulate. He was someone we could feel safe with and loved by. He had morals, integrity, a great sense of what a good family needs; he knew right from wrong and instilled family values in his family and fellow man. He was the embodiment of what America should be. So thank you for elevating Mitt Romney to such a high standard in your mind. Some of us feel like he deserves to be there.

America needs to get back on track with good old-fashioned family values, morals and principles. The pendulum has swayed too far in the wrong direction. I wish my grandchildren could have “Leave it to Beaver” shows to watch today instead of shows that give the impression that anything goes and everything is acceptable behavior in this society.

I truly do not understand how anyone with any kind of religious beliefs or not can support a president who condones abortions, gay marriages and the forcing of a religion (Catholicism) to go against its own doctrine in such issues as birth control. Democracy, you say? Not in my world.

As far as Paul Ryan and aligning his views and values with Ayn Rand, careful. If this is your basis, then let us look at Barack Obama’s influences: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s communist mentor; the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who says, “blacks shouldn’t sing God bless America but God d--- America; Bill Ayers from Chicago, co-founder of Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group conducting campaigns of bombing public buildings. These are/were all of Barack Obama’s cronies.

Paul Ryan is definitely someone who has strong leadership skills and will not cave into congressional pressure. Isn’t this what the American people want? Aren’t we sick of Congress the way it is now, looking out for all of those special interest groups. Whose special interest are they looking out for anyway? Certainly not yours or mine.

I do agree that Paul Ryan would be just a heartbeat away from being president when elected. Frankly I don’t have a problem with that! Do you want to know what terrifies me? Joe Biden, or as our military refers to him, the drunken uncle, is currently a heartbeat away from being president. Let us just be thankful we can disagree in this great country for now. Of course the swipe of the executive pen can take that away from us as well.

While you are thinking about this, June, can you put on a pot of coffee, bake an apple pie, and tell Wallie and Beaver some fellow Americans are coming over tonight to watch the baseball game.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.