Letters to the Editor

Though we’re footing the bill, Arab nations just never listen

If the nations of the Arab world would just shut up and listen, they’d see the folly of directing their anger and frustration toward us. Don’t they realize how hard we work to bring the principles of freedom and democracy to them? We provide food, clothing and transportation at great costs to ourselves and all they ever do is gripe.

We scream at them and slap them around, but all they do is sulk and look for a way to get back at us. They whine to the United Nations about self-determination. Then, when we use our power and influence to oust their dictators, they elect someone who doesn’t like us. We foot the bills – we have a right to tell them who they can have for friends. When are they going to stop sniveling and come to grips with the fact that, so long as they’re living in our world and that they’re going to have to play by our rules?

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.