Letters to the Editor

Democratic convention was a farce

If anyone thought that the country’s biggest problems are debt, deficits, unemployment, etc., they must have missed the Democratic convention. Obviously the real problem in America is the Republican “War on Women.”

That’s right, the war on women beats everything. Speaker after speaker demanded affirmation of unrestricted abortion rights (including the savage partial-birth abortion) and free birth control. It was like abortion-palooza in North Carolina. And who better to demonstrate Democrats’ concern for women than the serial adulterer, convicted liar and abuser of women, the disbarred former President Bill Clinton.

How do you top that? I’ll tell you. You air a tribute to another revered Democrat, the serial womanizer, the late Ted Kennedy, who loved women so much that he left one Mary Jo Kopechne to die alone after he drove off a bridge. Yet women still think the Democratic Party is the way to go. It is absolutely surreal.

All that was missing at the convention was a tribute to the late Senator Robert Byrd, perhaps in his KKK robes, to show the party’s regard for people of color. Then the coup de grace came when the delegates booed the inclusion of God in the platform. Obviously when killing unborn babies is your top priority, you probably don’t want that pesky deity in the way. God help this country.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.