Letters to the Editor

Campaign spending leading to corruption

In the midst of this political season, I am disappointingly struck by the tremendous amount of money being spent on two presidential campaigns and other federal, state, and local campaigns. I believe this not only saddens me, but tens of millions of Americans. Viewing this tremendous amount of money being spent by so few people seeking political offices, I feel driven to write this letter.

Considering how most of the salaries for these political offices pale in comparison to the money spent to gain these offices, I truly believe that most Americans have taken off their blinders to realize just how much under-handedness and corruption exists in all levels of our government. Americans are no longer idealistic or faithful about our government officials being pure and willing to go all out to help each and every citizen regardless of our financial status. There can be no doubt that money buys access to government policies, and therefore, campaign contributions are, in actuality, investments in rich and powerful peoples’ futures.

Is there any wonder why so many voters don’t bother to vote? Are my views cynical or truth? Can American government, at all levels, be guilty of some of the biggest white collar crimes on Earth? Just some questions to ponder during this political season.

The writer lives in North Augusta.