Letters to the Editor

We’ve got great roads, but the speed limit’s too high

I come from New York State and the roads there are not in as good shape as the roads in South Carolina. Frost heaves ruin many of them each winter. Here, the roads are in great shape. The front end on my car only needs an alignment if I hit a curb too hard when parking.

The problem here is our thousands of NASCAR drivers on the roads. I live off S.C. 90 and can attest to the fact that going 45 mph, the speed limit, is dangerous to my health. With cars speeding and passing, no matter where, people do die on this road. It is the same as saying guns kill people. People kill people, and the local NASCAR drivers are certainly out to get people also.

If our local law enforcement officers were more of a presence and handed out more citations our roads would soon be No. 1 best in the country.

The writer lives in Little River.