Letters to the Editor

A modest proposal to seed the ocean

Scientists tell us that many species, abundant in the past, are now extinct. Three-toed horses and camels grazed where our beaches are now located. Great sharks roamed the waters. Now, all are gone; their existence marked by an occasional bone fossil or tooth found along the surf.

But long-time residents and visitors have noticed that finding a shark tooth has become more difficult. They too, like the animal they came from, are almost

extinct. Sadly, almost unnoticed, something else has become almost extinct. I speak of beach glass, that round-edged, dull-sheen gem once found so abundantly along our beach.

Someone taking a glass container onto the beach today would be looked upon as if they had a communicable disease. So, as plastic replaced glass, there has been little renourishment.

I propose that South Carolina coastal experts, using their knowledge of the ocean currents, deposit at some distance out in the ocean a great quantity of broken glass. In 50 or 60 years the glass, now rounded and worn by Neptune’s hand, will wash ashore and collectors – perhaps your grandchildren’s children – will once again enjoy the hunt.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.