Letters to the Editor

It’s Democrats who are obsessed with women’s bodies

Re Aug. 25 letter by Judy Williams, “GOP launches radical assault on women”

The Georgetown County Republican Women’s Club is outraged at the inference of this article referring to the Republican party as the “Taliban” and its “escalating assault on women’s reproductive rights.” We believe Ms. Williams’ references to are ludicrous and mean spirited.

There is no question that we (the Republicans) have a very different view of women’s rights. We are all about protecting the unborn fetus except in instances of rape or endangering the mother’s health. Our viewpoint is that a fetus is a human being once conception has occurred.

Ms. Williams is the one who is fixated on women’s bodies. Whenever the subject comes up it is the Democrats that keep harping on it. Republican women, to the contrary, are concerned with protecting the rights of the unborn child. It seems that Ms. Williams also believes that we, the public, should pay for contraceptives and abortions. She ignores the fact that this is also a statement against freedom of religion. She is an advocate of Obamacare, not to the right of religious freedom as promised by our Constitution.

One person, Mr. Todd Akin, made the remark about the female anatomy having the ability to stop conception during a rape. The writer of the letter suggests that all Republicans are ignorant of the female reproductive anatomy. This reference is false and totally uncalled for. Republicans respect life, and believe that our rights come from God, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is obvious the writer has little insight into spirituality. Her concern is the indulgence of the moment and we, the taxpayers, should pay for it? We don’t think so! What a pitiful scenario.

The writers are members of the Georgetown County Republican Women’s Club.