Letters to the Editor

Obama’s tenure has been abject failure

Re Sept. 5 column by Issac Bailey, “Last four years have been better”

Just what planet is Issac Bailey from?

In the last 31/2 years since Obama took office, we have had:

Over 8 percent unemployment each month and that doesn’t include the people who are no longer looking for work.

A president who spent more money in his first nine months in office than every president from Washington to Bush combined.

A president who sent our national debt to $16 trillion with a record number of bankruptcies and home mortgage defaults.

A president who has a total disdain for the Constitution of the United States.

A president who thinks that government created the entrepreneurial spirit in America.

A president who wants to force Catholic organizations to pay for contraception and abortions.

A president who thinks businesses are doing just fine and owe the government all the credit.

A president who thinks Socialism is better than Capitalism.

Again, just where has Mr. Bailey been living?

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.