Letters to the Editor

Any business fee affects all of us

George Branch’s Sept. 7 letter “Jobless benefit costs not borne by workers” illustrates one of the greatest myths that lazy thinkers believe and politicians often use to justify new taxes. For some reason they think that if a tax, fee, insurance premium, or any other cost is levied on a business, the effect stops there. Does that logic work with your family budget? If gas prices go up, you don’t have to cut costs in other areas?

Anytime an employer’s costs increase, it affects how much they can afford to pay their employees, which means it is indeed “borne by the workers.” That only makes sense.

Next time you hear some politician say that some new fee “will only apply to large insurance companies” or some new environmental surcharge “will only apply to oil companies” and therefore will not affect you, ask yourself just how stupid do they really think you are.

The writer lives in Conway.